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12” Textured Concrete Dish Plate

12” Textured Concrete Dish Plate

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This HANDMADE concrete dish/plate is a classic and simple accessory that complements any office, outdoor or indoor space, table, kitchen or living area. It is very roomy and can accommodate just about any household item you can imagine!

Every piece is custom made-to-order, within our very own studio. This plate is heavy and substantial.

We feature industrial, modern, and farmhouse designs which we believe exhibit more character and charm when variations occur. We sometimes make slight purposeful design choices which includes refraining from solid/uniform coloring. We will reinforce the bottom of the plate with additional concrete, if we believe it needs strengthening.

You'll love this beautiful plate and it makes the perfect gift! Our items are completely handmade in Saint Augustine, Fl.

Plate measures 12 inches around and 1 inch high.
Crafted of thick, sturdy concrete
Round shape
Solid, textured design
Our items are made with coloring pigments that are mixed within the concrete, so they will have color throughout the entire piece.
Care: Gently hand wash only.
Utensils and other accessories not included.

*We do not guarantee that water will not penetrate or damage your items. Please ensure your items are not left with sitting water on the exterior or you may experience discoloration. In order to maintain the beauty of your item, you may wish to seal and wax your items in the future but you should not need to if proper care is taken after our initial sealant and wax is applied. Repeated sun exposure or direct sunlight may cause your items to fade, but it will not affect the structure and durability. Some fading can add charm!

We attach rubber feet on the bottom, to prevent scratching and sliding on any surface.

***Please keep in mind that no two handmade items will be identical. We feature industrial, modern, and farmhouse designs which we believe exhibit more character and charm when variations occur. In addition, there will most likely be small air bubbles in finished products- these do not affect the structure at all, but are considered an inherent quality of concrete. Color and variations may vary due to the nature of concrete. We seal all pieces with a food-safe concrete sealer and finish with non-toxic wax to protect the beauty of each piece, but please keep in mind that concrete is porous.

Care: Dust with a soft, dry cloth. Please do not submerge in water. Hand wash only. This is a decorative piece and should be gently cleaned if used for food display and use.

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